My Freedom Summer Peace Corps Novel

Originally published on the website:  Peace Corps Writers, with thanks to John Coyne for giving me the excuse to explore these issues.


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    Love, Mom

  2. My experience in Veszprém with the “Russian re-trainees” was very positive. I found them to be open to new ideas and teaching methods… and open to “reforms”, Simone. They were good natured and good humored, certainly not grim. I’m still in touch with several of them, in fact, and they have fond memories of their studies with us.

    • I’m thrilled that you found this piece, Nancy! Please share it with our former students, but I hope they can read it in the spirit I intended. I was actually praising them, as they took the work we did seriously enough to raise questions about it. We weren’t pets or mascots to them. We were teachers, and so were they. If they were grim (and some were) it was because they’d gone through some hard times and didn’t hide it. They actually remind me (in all the best ways) of the adult students I’ve been working with back home.

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