Waveland’s Beginnings

A few days ago, The Head and the Hand Press sent me my first financial statement since Waveland was published last May.   I decided to ask for copies of books in lieu of payment, and my study will soon be overtaken by  a pretty big box.

I’m grateful that Waveland is out in the world.  And thanks to Mishkan Shalom and its library committee, I got a chance to talk about its origins as part of a larger panel on Freedom Summer.

The afternoon included an exhibition:  of photographs: “From the Old Jim Crow to the New”introduced by Larry Bush of Jewish Currents (the same place that  published my series on my trip to Israel and Palestine). and was followed by a panel discussion with Freedom Movement Vets Ellen Tichenor and Yosaif August (whom I’d already profiled last year), as well as  Timothy Hayes (who has a remarkable blog of his own).

Here’s some footage from that afternoon where I read a little from Waveland, and talked about the research process.

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