This was just posted in “Snowflakes in a Blizzard”. Many thanks to Darrell Laurant who curates the site– a wonderful place to discover small press books like Waveland!.

Snowflakes in a Blizzard

THE BOOK: Waveland.


THE AUTHOR: Simone Zelitch

THE EDITOR: Linda Gallant.

THE PUBLISHER: The Head and the Hand.

This is a Philadelphia press established by Nic Esposito. It began with a series of themed almanacs as well as chapbooks which were sold through local vending machines. I knew some people involved with the press and admired their innovative marketing techniques and their role in the Philadelphia literary community. Also, the books they publish are beautiful. That matters.

SUMMARY: In 1964, a thousand white Northern college students went to Mississippi , hoping to call call attention to that state’s brutal suppression of African Americans. They taught in Freedom Schools, and helped register voters for alternative elections in the hope of challenging the legitimacy of the all-white Mississippi delegates at the Democratic Convention. Waveland focuses on one of those Freedom Summer volunteers, Beth Fine, an abrasive outsider who brings…

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